How to Eat Vegemite

Here is the way for a "beginner" to try Vegemite for the first time. If you follow my instructions, you will hopefully enjoy your first experience with Vegemite!

Assemble ingredients:
Butter (margarine will do, but butter does taste better!)
Fresh bread roll (N.B. US people - must NOT have more sugar than salt - try using sourdough or a French bread stick)
Cheese (not essential)
Vita-Weats (not essential)

A bear and his Vegemite...

Spread butter on bread.....

*gah* We're almost out of Vegemite!!!!

Spread Vegemite VERY thinly

See how little there is? Always remember - it is easy to add more if you taste it and there's not enough. If you have too much however *blah!!*
Be sure to compare this with the next shot to ensure that you understand the difference between thickish and thin.
Eat and enjoy, OR, try it with cheese!

As I was making this for myself, I lashed a bit more on.
See how even that is spread thinly - never, ever user Vegemite like jam or peanut butter unless you are a freak.

A little intermission for some Vegemite worms! Vita-Weats are a wheat cracker that has tiny holes in it. When you spread it with butter & vegemite and put it together and bite it squeezes out the holes and you get worms!
N.B. Once again - this is spread with an EXPERIENCED VEGEMITER's amount. New users use half this amount, and only on one side!

Vegemite worms!!! Yum, yum, yum!!!! I didn't really have enough Vegemite, but you can just see the worms!

Okay, back to the bread roll. If you haven't already eaten it, you can cut up some cheese and put it on top! Cheese and Vegemite are the perfect partners, and a great introduction to Vegemite if you're a little afraid to try it straight!!

Put both sides together, and then go to your computer...

Enjoy while sitting with your girlfriend!