USA - 20th May-10th June, 2009

The Beer Challenge - A New Beer Every Day

Beer 1 - Anchor Steam. What's better than a hotdog and a beer at Boudins, Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco

Beer 2 - Fat Tire New Belgium, enjoyed in the hotel room in San Francisco

Beer 3 - Negra Modelo

Beer 4 - Sierra Nevada Porter. A nice drop that was drunk while camping at Sequoia National Park

Beer 5 - Sierra Nevada Stout. Sometimes just one beer isn't enough....

Beer 5.5 - Moosehead. Flopsy helped me with this one, so I won't count it...

Beer 6 - Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale.

Three beers is a lot for a little bear. It only took one to topple Flopsy though....

Beer 7 - Fosters. How could I pass it up? Let's face it, you can't get it at home....

Ah, a coffee the next morning after all that beer.

Beer 8 - BOONT Amber Ale, and now we're camping at Yosemite!

Beer 9 - Redhook ESB Original Ale

Ahhh, sometimes you just have to have a coctail in a bottle....

Beer 10 - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Wine straight from the bottle...a tad uncouth I must say....

The beer challenge seems to have been disrailed a bit, but variety is the spice of life!

It is also a bit stronger than beer!

Next morning I needed a STRONG coffee and some toast with Vegemite to help the hangover....

Beer 11 - Modelo especial

Ah, some of the local Plum wine with friends, Grape E. Good (left) and Miss Mollie

And a bottle of wine with my new mate Paaky

Beer 12 - Cinder Cone Red - I'm in Portland now!

Beer 13 - Black Butte Porter in Portland

Beers 14 and 15 - Lagunitas IPA and Fish Tale Organic IPA

Beer 16 - This isn't a VB....

Beer 17 - Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve

Wine tasting. Hmm, Plum again, might pass....

A brewery tour at the Rogue Brewery

So many to choose from!

Beer 18 - Paul's Black Lager

Ah, a few chips to line the stomach....

From left to right.....
Beer 19 - Frog Stout
Beer 20 - Imperial Pilsner
Beer 21 - Brutal Bitter (very nice taste)
Beer 22 - Uber Frog
Beer 23 - Charlie 1981
Beer 24- Chipotle Ale (not hot, but had the chipotle taste - rather nice)
Beer 25 - Mocha Porter
Beer 26 - Hazelnut Brown

*BURRRRRRRRPPPPP* Oooh, my head feels a little fuzzy....some of those beers were 12% alcohol....

A little rest on the way out.

Beer 27 - Oregon Honey Beer

Beer 27.3 - Brutal Bitter revisited....

Beer 27.6 - Henry Weinhardt revisted plus a bit of spiced rum and Baileys....

Beer 28 - Big Bear Black Stout

The Triple Rock Brewery at Berkley
Beer 29 - Black Rock Porter
Beer 30 - Red Rock Ale

And here's the cute barmaid at Triple Rock!