Sydney Wildlife World - 26th January, 2009

The day started early with Mum waiting for the ferry!

And we got to see the Sydney icons, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House on the way in.

Then it was off to Sydney Wildlife World at lunchtime - yep that's a croc in the background....

And a turtle. Obviously crocs don't eat turtles....

A not so frilly Frilled Neck Lizard

A vey frilly one pretending to eat me!!

A boy pouch on this fella!

Yum, yum, yum! Pellets!

A few birdies here....

What are you looking at????

A wombat!!! But he's not real.....

A kookaburra! He's real!!!

Scritch, scritch, scratch!

Mummy and bub koala!

A butterfly landed on my ear!

Flutterbyes everywhere!

Flitter flutter....

And then I met a koala!!!!