Namadgi National Park - Easter, 2009

This is my tent! Cool eh? And a snazzy chair! I was set up in no time flat.

Camping just isn't camping without a beer...

After my first beer, I did a bit of tree climbing....

Then another beer and a relax wearing my beer goggles.

Before I knew it, it was dinner time!!! Spag Bog and wine. Mmmmm.

After dinner, a kanga passed by....

After dinner, there is of course dessert - brandy bananas, custard and of course more wine...

BAnd then a little cup of tea before bed.

Even though I have my own tent and sleeping bag, I decided to jump into mums!

The next morning however I woke in my own tent!

Time for some exploring! This is THE place that the images of Neil Armstrongs walk on the moon were broadcast from! Historic!

No wonder it's called the Apollo Walk!

A bit of tree climbing in a tree singed by the 2003 bush fires.

And then a bit of a bike ride.

But first I had to try and avoid the maniacs!


The view!

Ooooh, Easter Sunday and I've put dibs on the eggs!

Pancakes and maple syrup for brekky first though

Then it's on with the rabbit ears, and Barney and I share a few eggs around.


Lots and lots of them!!!!

And LOTS of rocks to climb!

Serious flake climbing...

It's a long way up, on the tiniest of flakes.

But I made it!!!! I'm the king of the castle!

A big crack for a little bear!

And of course there are trees to climb to!

More rocks....

Master of all I survey

My world

Woohoo - I made it!

Look a Pooky stool!

After all the climbing in the morning, I had a bit of a rest in the arvo.

Then as soon as the sun was over the yardarm, it was time to open the sparking!

A toasted marshmallow

And then a delicacy called a s'more that was introduced to me by my mate Harry!