International Bungee Day - 8th March, 2009

In a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE event organised by Jeff Ogre,ogres and bears around the world bungeed to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis! Here's the photos from the huge event. We'd really appreciate it if you could make a donation!

The jump started in Sydney with me!!!! Here I am psyching myself up!

I'm flyyyyying!!!!




Here's me and Calvin. Calvin came to watch and I convinced him to jump too!

It didn't take much convincing.... :-)



This is Bartie, bungeeing in the UK

This is our star and organiser Jeff Ogre!



This is Debbie!


Bishy Burgess and Jeff


This is Theo and Ranulph jumping in their Mum's hospital room. This is one of the reasons we all jumped.

This is my girlfriend Wendy!!!

Isn't she cool!

And such a pretty place to bungee!

And off to Canada where Nigel and Lisa jumped. This here is Nigel!

Nigel bungeed with ICE!!

How cool! (In more ways than one!!!)

We're all proud of him!

Lisa got to bungee from some fun historical places!

And it's lucky she's part polar bear because she got dunked in the canal!!!

So she went back to dryer historical statues!!!

Remember, we did this for all our friends who have CF, and would really like you to make a donation if you can afford it: