Brisbane, Australia - 18th-20th February, 2009

Relaxing in the hotel room with a JB & Coke

Ah! Finally the pizza arrives!

Up early for a stroll next morning, and I found some mushy's!

Mum made me pose with the hibiscus!

The "Streets Beach" in the centre of Brisbane!

There's also a Nepalese Temple

Surrounded by bamboo

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"


Being squished is so undignified!

Giant Silver Soccer Balls!

On the big merry-go-round, looking at the city...


Byron Bay - Could I be any more east than I am right now???

Yep - by sitting on the fence!

The official "most easterly point"


Do you think I look small in this chair?


Lots of sculptures at Thursday Plantation in Ballina